The Different Categories of Booths, and Why Picking the Right One is So Important

Gone are the days when the word ‘office’ conjured up images of rows of desks and swivel chairs. Now, the workspace is a dynamic, flexible environment that caters to a variety of needs, including privacy, collaboration, and technology integration.

A critical component of this modern workspace is the booth – a versatile, enclosed (although not always) space designed for a specific purpose.

Here at Max Furniture, we have worked with many companies to install these booths in their workplace and seen great results.

One thing that is always key is that you pick the right booth for your space. We have split our products into five categories, and in this blog, we’re going to give a quick rundown of each and discuss which one may be the right choice for you.

Let’s take a look.

The Importance of Picking the Right Sized Booth

Size matters when it comes to selecting the right booth for your workspace.

The ideal booth size depends on several factors, such as the intended use, the number of people it needs to accommodate, and the physical space available.

A booth that’s too small can feel cramped and claustrophobic, hindering productivity and creativity. Conversely, a booth that’s too large for its purpose not only wastes valuable office space but can also feel isolating for individuals or small groups.

The first thing to work out is what you would like the booth for. Are you lacking somewhere to hold private meetings between clients and your team, or do you want somewhere people can work alone for a while without distractions?

The right booth for these differing needs will look very different, so picking the right one is always an important choice.

The Different Categories of Booths

Single Person Pods


These are compact booths designed for individual work.

They provide a quiet, private space for focused tasks or confidential phone calls. Single person pods are ideal in open-plan offices, where finding a quiet corner can be challenging.

These pods are usually equipped with a desk, power outlets, and sometimes, a comfortable chair, making them a mini office within an office.

Some great ones in our range are:

  • Askia Kameleon K1 – This is a stylish and versatile pod that slots seamlessly into any office space thanks to its versatility and modular nature.
  • HushPhone – Sometimes all you need is a stool and a quiet place to get to work. If your daily tasks often consist of private phone calls, this is a great choice for you.
  • Bejot Quadra Standing Box – Bejot is a brand that always focuses on style, and even when it’s something as small as their Quadra Standing Box, they ensure it looks great with sleek finishes and subtle tones.

2 Person Booths

Slightly larger than single pods, 2 person booths are designed for collaborative work between two individuals.

They are perfect for one-on-one meetings, interviews, or joint work sessions.

These booths offer privacy without the isolation of a single pod, fostering a collaborative yet focused environment.

Some great ones in our range are:

  • Bejot 2-Person Treehouse Open – This stylish yet functional booth looks great in any setting and provides a place to go that still makes you feel like you’re part of the team and not hiding away.
  • Max Calma 2 – This is an enclosed booth that offers a private place to hold intimate meetings. It looks great and contains a delightful glass-panelled front.
  • Askia Kameleon K2 – Just like the K1 mentioned above, Askia has provided an aesthetically pleasing and versatile booth here that is ideal for two people to hold comfortable chats in style.

4 Person Booths

max calma office meeting pod

4 person booths are versatile spaces that cater to small group discussions, team huddles, or collaborative projects.

They are spacious enough to be comfortable yet intimate enough to keep discussions focused.

These booths often come with additional features like whiteboards or screens for presentations, making them ideal for brainstorming sessions or informal meetings.

Some great ones in our range are:

  • HushMeet – HushOffice are known for making booths that are packed with features and functionality, but their HushMeet range also looks great, with a modern and futuristic feel.
  • Bejot 4 Person Treehouse – We’re back with Bejot again and their 4-person Treehouse, which is a cool place to hold meetings and always looks great in any workplace.
  • Max Calma 4 – If you’re looking for a meeting booth which always feels open, then the Max Calma 4, with its glass-panelled walls is a stylish choice that can fit seamlessly into an office without making things feel too compact.

Large Meeting Pods

askia booth

Large meeting pods can accommodate groups of six or more and are equipped for more formal meetings or collaborative group work.

They often feature a large table, comfortable seating, and advanced technological setups like video conferencing facilities.

These pods are an excellent alternative to traditional conference rooms, offering privacy and a controlled environment for extended discussions or presentations.

Some great ones in our range are:

  • Askia Kameleon K7 – This spacious booth is another that really uses glass to its advantage. With enough room for furniture and decorations, it can add a whole new element to your workplace.
  • HushAccess L – HushOffice think of everything, and this large booth is focused on creating an inclusive environment which is suitable for everyone. And did we mention it looks great as well?
  • Max Calma Pro – The Max Calma Pro is sleek and sophisticated, with the great acoustic qualities that are always associated with this brand. With lots of space and features, it’s always a good choice.

Video Conferencing Booths

With remote work and global teams becoming more common, video conferencing booths have gained popularity.

These are specially designed for virtual meetings and often come equipped with high-quality audio and video technology.

They provide a soundproof environment to ensure clear communication and are often used for client meetings, remote team check-ins, or virtual conferences.

Some great ones in our range are:

  • Max Calma ZSometimes all you need is one seat and a screen, and if that’s all you require then the Max Calma Z is ideal. It looks modern and sleek, and slots nicely into most workplaces with neutral colours.
  • Max Calma Z2Need something just like the choice above but with space for two people? Let me introduce you to the Max Calma Z2. It looks just as good but has double the space for seating.
  • HushHybridOur final product is the HushHybrid, which is a modern booth and another great option from HushOffice. With a desk, a chair, and a screen, there aren’t many more stylish options for a video conference booth available.

Max Furniture

Knowing what you need to satisfy your employees is vital to pointing the way to the perfect booth.

We hope this blog has helped make your decision easier, but if you want to know more, then contact our team today.

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