Max Calma Z

We provide private mobile spaces for better video conferences and private calls.

Max Calma Z is a perfect workplace for; video conferences, private calls, and webinars both as a speaker & participant. It is a highly adaptable workspace where you won’t be disturbed by outside noise or distractions so that allowing a comfortable space for single and dual work that requires concentration.

Perfect for


1400(w) x 2270(h) x 1000(d) mm

Key Features

VESA Mount (Up to 27" All in One PC or Monitor) + Dimmable Face Light Control + (1 Universal Power + 1 USB- Type A + 1USB-Type C)

DB Rating



1 person

Key Features

Built-in VESA mount with Face illuminating LEDs for optimal appearance in Zoom, Teams & Video calls

Privacy and Confidentiality for those important Video calls with 35dB sound isolation.

Max Calma Z in stock - reduced lead times for selected finishes

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