One of the longest established manufacturers on the market, Hush acoustic booths are tried and tested. Hush offers a strong family of well designed and well priced products.

Hush acoustic pods are independent spaces that facilitate telephone conversations, individual work and meetings. With a simple but high-tech set up, Hush booths can be moved easily and provide great flexibility.


A visually fun booth, developed alongside scientific institutions in the field of acoustics, biophilia design and workplace ergonomics.

Distinct, agile, design-led and niche; the Treehouse is fully ergonomic and functional, creating a separate space in a noisy office or public area.

Max Calma

Max Calma is truly a mobile workspace for comfort and privacy, and a modular system that offers top-level sound insulation.
Max Calma manufactures Performance-led acoustic booths for phone calls, one-on-one work, video conferencing, client meetings and teamwork. Designed using 10+ years of extensive experience within the pod industry, Max Calma provides high-levels of acoustic insulation and design at a very positive price point.


With Askia Kameleon, you are free to virtually explore countless assembly possibilities. Thanks to the modular system, Kameleon K2, K4, K6, K7 acoustic booths can be configured according to your needs and effortlessly upgraded in time.

With a patented interior & exterior panel system, you can change exterior panels whenever you feel like a change in scenery.