How a Zoom Pod Can Transform Your Video Conferences

Video conferencing software has hit a boom in the last several years.

A popular choice is Zoom, but other tools are available.

With the growth of remote and hybrid working, more meetings are now having to be held online, and this can be tricky in many workplaces where privacy and quiet are in short supply.

Enter the zoom pod.

This is a colloquial term for an acoustic booth that is set up to be ideal for hosting video conferences.

Over 3 trillion minutes are spent per year in meetings on Zoom, and the popularity shows no signs of slowing down, so if your workplace really wants to embrace hybrid working, here’s why a zoom pod might be the perfect investment for you.

Let’s take a look.

What is a Zoom Pod?

A Zoom pod (or hybrid pod) is a dedicated booth that is set up specifically for hosting video conferences and meetings.

A Zoom pod typically includes video and audio equipment, such as the ability to have Cameras, facial lighting, screens and mounts, that can be integrated with Zoom software and connected to a display screen.

There will be great acoustic properties that make the inside of the room ideal for a conference, with minimal outside nice and no disruptions. There will also be ample seating for people who are in person to play a role in the meeting and listen in.

It provides a seamless and optimized environment for conducting virtual meetings using your chosen video conferencing platform.

How Can a Zoom Booth Make Your Video Calls Better?

Improved Quality

Zoom pods are designed to feature high-quality audio and video equipment.

They often feature built-in cameras, microphones, and speakers that offer superior sound and image clarity compared to relying solely on individual devices like laptops or webcams.

They will also feature a screen which is featured at a focal point of the room on which people attending the meeting online can be seen and can share work and presentations that they have prepared.

All of this equipment will be of high quality with the aim of better communication and understanding during meetings.

Enhanced Collaboration

The key role of a Zoom pod is to provide a place in which people from all over the world can get together and collaborate.

Therefore, the space needs to be dedicated to creating a focused environment that encourages communication.

With a display that easily showcases people working remotely, as well as a comfortable seating arrangement for the physical attendees, participants can engage more effectively, share screens, present content, and more.

This environment is key to getting straight to the point of the meeting and conducting a session which is productive and efficient.

No Background Noise

Background noise is detrimental for a zoom pod for several reasons.

One of the challenges in remote meetings is dealing with noise from the workplace outside which may make it difficult to hear and understand the person on the display.

Zoom pods typically offer soundproofing features that minimise external noise, creating a quieter and more professional meeting environment.

Not only does this help in terms of listening to all members of the meeting, but it can also provide a space where a good conversation can be had without any disruptions.

For the person at home, it also helps them hear the people in the meeting clearly, and if you are speaking with an external stakeholder, the last thing you need is the sound of a noisy office as this could hurt your brand.

zam calma zoom booth

Privacy and Confidentiality

For sensitive discussions or confidential meetings, Zoom pods provide an enclosed space where things can be talked about openly without the fear of someone overhearing who shouldn’t.

In open office environments, finding a space in which this can be done can be tricky, especially when speaking with someone on a video conference which is normally quite loud.

Many discussions that need to be had over Zoom include external stakeholders and other important figures which may contain sensitive information, so if you can provide a space where you can hold these meetings it is a big advantage.

Having a private space also promotes open communication and can help attendees feel more comfortable speaking freely and sharing ideas.

Minimal Distractions

67% of workers are distracted during virtual meetings, and if your workplace is noisy and there is a lot going on, it can hard to maintain your concentration and focus.

A Zoom pod creates a dedicated and controlled environment, free from interruptions and distractions.

Participants can focus better on the meeting agenda without being disturbed by external factors.

Distractions can derail a meeting and lead to things being forgotten or missed, and this can negate the whole point of getting together, so it’s always a good idea to remove as many distractions as possible to create the perfect business environment.

Gives a Professional Appearance

Using a Zoom pod adds a level of professionalism to your video conferences.

It demonstrates that your organisation values effective communication and invests in quality meeting spaces.

This can positively influence how participants perceive your company, especially when interacting with clients, partners, or potential investors.

It is also a nice environment for your workforce to conduct meetings in and can make the work they are doing feel much more important.

A nice workplace has a huge effect on a business, and a Zoom pod can be an integral part of this.

Easy Scheduling and Control

If you have some space in your workplace where meetings are often held, then it can get a bit awkward when multiple people want to use the space at the same time.

With a Zoom pod, you can set up a scheduling system so that everyone knows when it is in use and when they can get in and use it.

This will avoid any disputes and can also mean that when a meeting is due to take place, it can always be ready for things to get underway nice and quickly.

You could even incorporate technology so people can book it out online and make it really simple and streamlined for your staff to make the most of the booth.

hush office zoom booth

Video Conference Booth with Max Furniture

If you’re a business that often holds video conferences and you think an acoustic booth may be the ideal addition to your workspace, then Max Furniture is here to help.

We have a wide range of pods and booths which are ideal for any workplace.

Why not check out our selection today, or, if you have a question, get in touch with our team who are always happy to help.

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