Single Person Pods

Single Person Office Pods

Explore our collection of single person pods and acoustic phone booths, meticulously designed for today’s dynamic offices.

We collaborate with world-leading suppliers to offer a diverse selection of acoustic phone booths and pods, crafted to seamlessly blend functionality and style into any office setting. Our extensive collection features a variety of different office pods, all designed for solo work in a calming environment. Every pod is engineered to provide superior acoustic management, minimising noise disturbances effectively.

A compact single-person pod caters to every work style and office size. Elevate your workspace with our sleek, efficient acoustic booths and discover the ideal choice for you in our collection today. Our acoustic pods and office booths not only deliver exceptional functionality but are also highly customisable to match your office decor and space requirements perfectly. Select from an array of colours, materials, and dimensions to craft a workspace that’s uniquely yours, while maintaining top-notch sound insulation and comfort.

Featuring leading brands like Hush Office and Max Calma, we bring the finest solo office pods and booths from across the globe directly to your workspace. We’ve witnessed the positive impact these booths can have on productivity and privacy, so take a look through our complete range to find the perfect solution that meets your needs today.