Bejot 2-Person Treehouse Open

Your Comfort Space

This 2 Person open booth is perfect for the modern evolving office space. It creates a barrier from sounds where one can have the privacy of the conventional booth while being synonymous with the wider office space. Its comfortable and relaxed feel creates a quiet sense of calm within the workplace.

Perfect for


2100(w) x 2275(h) x 740(d) mm


210 - 235kg

DB Rating

Open Booth


1-2 person

Key Features

Cosy, Comfortable creating a relaxed feel

Stylish look fits perfectly into any workspace

Built-in casters (4 included)

Fully customizable with a host of options

“Office design is our passion and it is our goal to choose the best and smartest solutions in collaboration with the customer. Thanks to our many years of experience you are guaranteed excellent advice!”


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