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Manufacturer information

Hush specialises in acoustic insulation of the human voice. With nearly 30 years’ global experience, Hush leverages its speciality in office furniture production to manufacture next level, flexible products.

Effective ventilation

A complete exchange of air occurs every 1.5 minutes (hushPhone) and 2.5 minutes (hushMeet) and the ventilation system runs for five minutes after leaving.

Comfort and concentration

Noise and stress eliminated in a simple but high-tech set up.

Anti-virus coating

All frequently touched surfaces in the Hush booths have been covered with a thick nano-photocatalyst coating to prevent the development of viruses and other microbes.

Mobile agility

You can make layout changes in minutes, since none of the core Hush pods require disassembly for relocation.

Used by

We work with dealers, interior designers, architects and clients nationwide.

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