How Meeting Pods Can Boost Your Office Collaboration

Collaboration between different members of a workforce is vital in any role.

While offices used to be filled with private cubicles and dividers, many workspaces are now leaning towards more open-plan layouts to try and create a more communicative environment.

In fact, over the last twenty years, workplace collaboration has increased by more than 50%.

Teamwork is key to innovation, productivity, and in building office relationships, and if your workplace is lacking in these departments, a worthwhile addition could be a meeting pod.

Over recent years, meeting pods have grown in popularity, and there are many reasons why.

Here at Max Furniture, we have installed meeting pods in many different workplaces and have seen first-hand the impact they can have.

If you want to improve your workplace collaboration, then we’ve created this guide to inform you on why a meeting pod may be the perfect choice.

But first, let’s start at the beginning.

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What is a Meeting Pod?

A meeting pod is a small, collaboration space that is the ideal environment for workmates to get together and discuss ideas.

The pod will contain comfortable seating and a desk, as well as a screen that is handy for video conferences in some instances.

Meeting pods are often enclosed structures, which is perfect for drowning out any exterior distractions and allowing the sound of each other’s voices to be crystal clear.

A meeting pod is a great alternative to a traditional meeting room and can provide a stylish, soundproof space that is seamlessly integrated into your office.

It is the perfect way to turn an unused space into a hub of collaboration and communication and can really transform how a workforce interacts with one another.

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The Importance of Office Collaboration

Having a team of employees that constantly communicates with one another is always a good thing.

This allows people to share their unique skills and experience and can help them get over any issues much more efficiently than working alone. Having someone to discuss ideas with also helps to boost creativity and can be vital in picking out the right ideas for the project at hand.

It can also really help to build relationships between employees, which is important for well-being and in creating a nice environment to work in.

Modern workspaces strive to have as much collaboration as possible, and by fostering the culture with added features such as dedicated meeting pods, the performance of the whole team can be improved, and you can achieve sustainable growth.

75% of employees regard collaboration and teamwork as important, and if you do too, then a meeting pod could be the perfect addition to your workplace.

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5 Ways Meeting Pods Can Improve Collaboration

It Promotes Spontaneity

While a traditional meeting room often has a diary and usage needs to be booked in advance, meeting pods are often treated in a much different way.

This is a place where a group of workers can wander in if free and start discussing something.

If e-mails are bouncing around and no conclusion is being reached, deciding to move into the pod and really get to the bottom of the issue quickly can make everything much more efficient.

It is this spontaneous nature of a meeting pod that makes it a real hub of new ideas and creativity, and if you can jump in there as soon as a new idea pops into your mind and share it with your colleagues, it is sure to be acted upon in a much more accurate and quick manner.

It Creates the Perfect Meeting Environment

Meeting pods are designed to provide a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Everything from the lighting, seating, and more is made to be inviting. The hope is that you will feel happy to spend a lot of time in a meeting pod discussing ideas, so the design and atmosphere are big factors.

It can feel like a more informal setting than a traditional meeting room, which can be a big positive when wanting to promote open collaboration and make employees feel at ease sharing their ideas.

A relaxed setting allows people to speak and share thoughts more freely, which in turn should boost engagement and collaboration between the people inside the pod.

It Incorporates Technology

We live in a world surrounded by technology, and this is no more true than in a workspace.

Meetings are now shared across the world, and whether you are speaking with a remote worker from your company or someone from an external business, having the technology to do so in the comfort of a meeting pod is a big plus.

It all starts with a screen on which someone can share a presentation, showcase images or videos, or you can show external speakers on a video conference.

If you can also get a good speaker system in place that makes all sound easily understandable, then you have the perfect space to hold a conference.

An interactive whiteboard is also a popular choice and can really boost creativity when jotting down ideas.

These advances in technology have boosted the way workforces and people outside the workforce can converse and discuss ideas, and this is a big help when promoting more collaboration.

It’s a Private Place

While collaboration is absolutely vital, some tasks require a spot of privacy.

There are two sides to this.

Firstly, a quiet space is great for keeping distractions away and really allowing a group of people to get their heads together and work on getting to the bottom of any issues and achieving their goals.

If you’re trying to come up with ideas, having a space where you can really focus your mind on coming up with something new and have nothing to take your mind away can be a big help.

It is also a big benefit when it comes to confidential information.

If a meeting is being held to discuss something that only certain people in the workplace should know, then being able to talk openly and freely without worrying about people overhearing can make the meeting a lot more efficient and make honest communication much easier to achieve.

It Encourages Cohesion

A team that is cohesive and works well together is often a strong one.

A meeting pod is a great place to get people together who may not often join forces, and this can lead to new ideas and relationships that otherwise wouldn’t have emerged.

Having a dedicated place for a meeting can encourage people to get together, and rather than simply sending an email, they will get together in the pod and really discuss things more thoroughly.

It is a great place to include everyone from within the team and allow people the space from which they can share their ideas and communicate.

By promoting cross-department discussions, you are sure to come up with some great ideas and iron out any issues that may arise in no time, and this collaboration makes a big difference.

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Meeting Pods from Max Furniture

If you think your workplace may benefit from a meeting pod, then why not get in touch with Max Furniture today.

We have a wide range of meeting pods that are ideal for many different workspace, so get in touch with our team today if you would like to know more.

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