4-Person Meeting Pods

4 Person Meeting Booths

Whether you’re collaborating with your team, hosting a small group discussion, or needing a quiet space for a video conference, our collection of 4 person meeting pods offers the perfect solution.

These meticulously designed 4 person booths are tailored to enhance productivity, privacy, and comfort in any office setting. Crafted with the modern workplace in mind, these meeting booths are ideal for providing a secluded oasis free from the bustling office noise. Available in various finishes and colours, these pods can complement your existing office decor or even serve as a statement piece. Their contemporary look adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace while maintaining functionality.

Each booth is equipped with acoustic walls, ensuring your discussions remain confidential and uninterrupted. With their sleek, compact design, these pods easily integrate into various office layouts without consuming significant space. The interiors are thoughtfully furnished with comfortable seating, adjustable lighting, and integrated technology ports that support all your digital devices, ensuring a seamless connection during every meeting.

Explore our selection and discover how these versatile 4 person workplace booths can transform your team’s work dynamics and boost efficiency.