The Bejot Treehouse aims to help you capture creativity. It’s the perfect space for individual work.

Manufacturer information

Bejot is the leading manufacturer of office furniture and acoustic solutions in Poland. A family-owned company, Bejot has grown from a small carpentry plant to a large designer and manufacturer of office furniture and acoustic solutions.

Beautiful colour palette

Fabric colours to complement your brand; the finishes are abrasion resistant, light-fast and water repellent.

The highest quality

The Laboratory of Technical Acoustics, AGH University of Science and Technology Cracow confirmed that Treehouse has the highest acoustic quality.

The sound of silence

The Bejot Treehouse delivers a six-fold reduction in perceived loudness, reducing fatigue and limiting excess stimuli.

Easy installation

Installed coasters make the Treehouse easy to position and relocate, despite its size.

Used by

We work with dealers, interior designers, architects and clients nationwide.

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