Acoustic Office Pods and Booths

Our Acoustic Booths & Pods Range

Our collection of office booths and acoustic pods is tailored for the modern workspace.

We work alongside leading suppliers to provide a variety of acoustic booths and pods, each designed to enhance functionality and aesthetics in any office. In this collection, you can find our full range of all sizes and designs, each one providing perfect acoustic management and ensuring that noise disturbances are kept at bay. From spacious meeting booths to compact single-person pods, we have something for every working style and space. Enhance your workspace with our stylish and effective acoustic booths, and browse our complete range to find the perfect one for you today.

Our acoustic pods and office booths are not only functional but also highly customisable to align perfectly with your office decor and spatial constraints. Choose from a range of colours, materials, and sizes to create a space that feels uniquely yours while still adhering to the highest standards of sound insulation and comfort. Not only that, but many come equipped with industry-leading technology as well as stunning ventilation and intuitive lighting.

From Hush Office to Max Calma and beyond, we bring the best office pods and booths from around the world and supply them to your workspace. We’ve seen first-hand the effect these booths can have on a workforce, and you’re sure to find the solution to your needs in our complete range.