Max Calma S

Replacing Phone stress with Harmony & Peace!⁣

Max Calma S is a perfect workplace for private confidential phone and video calls. This stylish, sophisticated and affordable phone booth is perfect for any office setting, bringing a token of peace and quiet for those important calls. ⁣

Perfect for


1100(w) x 2270(h) x 1000(d) mm

Key Features

Height Adjustable Desk with USB + USB-C

DB Rating



1 person

Key Features

Functional design allowing for spacious interior feel

Available with Height adjustable desk for optimum comfort

High acoustic quality for a positive price point - Unique on the market

Designed with Castors for easy movement and relocation

“Office design is our passion and it is our goal to choose the best and smartest solutions in collaboration with the customer. Thanks to our many years of experience you are guaranteed excellent advice!”


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