5 Stylish Office Booths for Your Workplace

When it comes to a workplace, style and design choices are important.

This is especially true when you are regularly welcoming customers and external stakeholders into your workplace, as you need to have style choices that reflect your brand and make a great impression.

Workplace booths can act as key features in workplace design. Long gone are the days of clunky booths that catch the eye for all the wrong reasons.

Modern booths are sophisticated, modern, and sleek.

In this blog, we’re going to run through why this is so important and provide some stylish booths to add to your workplace.

Let’s take a look.

Why a Stylish Workplace Booth Matters

Having a stylish office booth provides many benefits, including:

  • Enhancing Your Brand – A stylish workplace booth can help to project a modern and professional image to clients and visitors. It reflects the company’s attention to detail and commitment to providing a quality work environment. It also reflects a company culture and values, reinforcing brand identity through its design and appearance.
  • Boosting Employee Morale – A well-designed and stylish booth can create a more pleasant and engaging working environment, which in turn will boost employee well-being and productivity. You want your employees to be proud of where they work, and ensuring all features fit the design and look great is a big part of this.
  • Improving Space Utilisation – Meeting booths don’t always have to take up loads of room. In fact, many stylish designs are made with space utilisation in mind. This means while the footprint of the booth may be low, the features and room that is inside it can make it feel much bigger.
  • Attracts Talent – Imagine if someone was coming for an interview with your company and they saw a stylish workplace booth (you may even hold the interviews inside it). This can be great for enticing them into working with your company and providing a great first impression.
  • Versatile for Various Uses – A stylish booth is often a comfortable and exciting place to be inside. This makes it great for more than just working and means it can also work as a breakout space, relaxation zone, or simply somewhere for someone to grab some lunch.

5 Stylish Workplace Booths from Max Furniture

Bejot Quadra Standing Box

Let’s start with the smallest booth from this collection. The Bejot Quadra Standing Box comes with a modern and always stylish design.

Created for solo work or private phone calls, this booth slots seamlessly into any workplace environment, with a footprint of only 1116mm x 849mm.

A glass-panelled door leads into a sleek workspace, with subtle, calming colours that match most office décor.

This booth is available in several colours and comes with brilliant acoustic qualities to ensure anything that is discussed inside the booth, stays inside the booth.

Askia Kameleon K2

Askia is famous for creating booths that are adaptable and always look great, and the Kameleon K2 is no exception.

It comes with all of the acoustics properties you would expect for a private booth and is packed with features, but this high level of substance certainly doesn’t mean a lack of style.

There are countless ways you can adjust your booth thanks to its modular design. This means that no matter how often your workplace changes its look, the Kameleon K2 will always fit in.

This is the ideal place for one-on-one meetings, private calls, or simply for a relaxed conversation with a co-worker.

With modern seating, a handy table in between, and a minimalist approach, this colourful booth is always pleasing on the eye and a great addition to a workspace.

Bejot 4 Person Treehouse

We are back with Bejot again, but this booth is very different to the standing booth we discussed earlier.

While much larger and for a much different purpose, the Bejot principles of always making booths that are easy on the eye stands true yet again.

Whether open or with a glass-panelled front for extra privacy, this booth is always stylish.

Much like the other Bejot on the list, the colours are subtle and the décor approach is minimalist, but this adds a modern and sleek feel to the booth.

The Bejot 4-person treehouse is a large booth, but its design makes it slot into any workplace seamlessly, and its unique flair makes this feel like much more than just a piece of office furniture.

HushMeet Large

The HushMeet Large is one of the biggest booths produced by the formidable HushOffice team.

Its size is one of its main strengths when it comes to style, as it allows for plenty of features and décor to be fitted in.

You can fit six people in this booth with ease, and it has great ventilation and acoustic properties which make it perfect for long meetings.

HushOffice are known for creating booths that blend into any office space, and this is another successful venture.

The internal design matches substance with style, with carpets, seats and tables which can all be personalised to suit any brand.

There is a wide selection of finishes and colour schemes available to make sure you always get the perfect one for you.

Max Calma Z2

The Max Calma Z2 is tailored towards video conferences and is a stylish way of providing space for two people to speak with someone remotely.

This is a really stylish choice and comes with a glass panelled door and modern seat inside. The layout is again minimalist, but the features are plentiful, with a screen built in as well as lighting to ensure the best visuals on a video call.

This is a booth that comes in various colours and doesn’t have a large footprint, making it easy to slot it into any working environment.

With the classic Max Calma sleek exterior, and the warm and comfortable interior, this is a must for anyone looking to promote remote working while still maintaining contact with employees in a stylish setting.

Max Furniture

Style and design are important in any workplace, and with workplace booths, you can get these features in abundance.

If you want to know more, then get in touch today or check out our booth categories to find the perfect one for you.

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