The Importance of Matching Your Booth Design with Your Workplace

Your workplace is much more than simply a place in which you go to work.

It is a representation of your brand, and a carefully planned and seamless office design can go a long way in leaving a great impression on visitors and employees alike.

As more and more people embrace a new work culture, something that is rising in interest and popularity is workplace booths.

These are structures, tailor-made for private individual work, employee collaboration, or client meetings, and offer many benefits to a wide range of workplaces.

When thinking of these booths, it is often the functionality that is first thought of, but the design is just as important.

How your workplace looks is a big deal, and making sure a booth fits in with your design choices is crucial.

Here at Max Furniture, we have supplied booths to many different workplaces, and know how critical the aesthetic qualities of the structure are.

We’ve created this guide to tell you more, so let’s take a look.

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Design Elements of Workplace Booths

There are many different elements that go into the design of an acoustic booth, and here are some key examples:

  • The Shape – Focus on what you need from your booth first and foremost. Is it for quiet, individual work, or for large-scale meetings? This will help you decide on the required size. The shape is also important, as it needs to fit seamlessly into your office and not stand out for the wrong reasons.


  • The Finishes – What materials will you use on your booth? This is a key consideration as the choice of finishes can completely transform the look and feel of a booth. Going traditional? Then wood is always a great choice. For something modern then using glass and metal can have a great effect.


  • The Furniture – When people go into your booth, what will they be greeted with? This is another important design element, as you need to provide a space that is comfortable but also in line with your company branding. It also must maintain the quality of the booth. If it looks great from the outside, but the furniture is old and worn, it can leave a poor impression.


  • The Brand – Your booth shouldn’t feel like an individual part of your office that stands out from the rest. It should represent your brand just as much as your entire workplace does. This can include brand colourings, logo, or even just sticking to the theme that runs through your workplace.


  • The Versatility – Are you a business that is always looking to adapt and grow? Then maybe you need a booth that can keep up with these changes. In this case, opting for a modular booth that can be easily altered and transported around your office is the ideal solution.
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Why is Booth Design so Important?

Design Coherence

A workplace builds a business’ identity through its design choices.

By combining the aesthetic features with the functional, you can create an environment that promotes your brand ethos as well as creating the ideal place to work.

Adding a booth to a workplace is a great choice, but it should integrate seamlessly, aligning itself with the layout, culture, and workflow from the day it is installed.

This will speak volumes about your brand’s commitment to detail and showcase your passion for linking business with style.

Optimising Space

Every inch of your workspace counts.

The booth design is more than finishes and colours, it also includes the shape and size of the structure.

Whether you’re dealing with a compact startup workplace, or a sprawling corporate office, finding something that fits seamlessly and doesn’t leave unused space around it is paramount.

You must also ensure the office doesn’t begin to feel congested. If you take up too much room, it could throw out the whole layout.

Working out where you can fit a booth so that it slots in without disruption to movement or design is vitally important, so always make sure you get your measurements just right.

Employee Engagement

The one thing you must never forget in your workplace is your employees.

The first question you should ask when thinking of office design is what will help your employees.

This should be factored into your design choices when it comes to picking a workplace booth.

Do they need a meeting room, or a quiet, individual space?

How can you make it so it adds an element to the office that really appeals to them?

Which design choices can you make to the interior of the booth to promote productivity and collaboration?

Everything from the colour of the walls to the material of the panels has an effect here, so ask the people who will be spending the most time in it how it will work best for them.

Promoting Your Brand

In a business, your brand is everything.

Whether it’s external partners, potential hires, current employees, or clients, if they step into an office and see something that looks professional and well-designed, it is a big step in improving the impression of the whole business.

An acoustic booth is a great feature and will definitely add some interest to visitors to your office. If you can also show it has been designed in keeping with your brand style and design then even better.

Ensuring a seamless fit into your office layout turns a standalone feature into something that is part of the whole workplace experience, and this can leave a great impression on anyone who pops over.

A Great First Impression

The first impression of anything is key.

As a visitor walks through the doors into your workplace, how do you think they will feel?

You need to make this count, and you only have a few seconds to leave a mark on the person stepping through the door.

A booth design that seamlessly fits within your workspace showcases attention to detail and professionalism, leaving a lasting positive impression.

This first impression could be the difference between a great new business opportunity, or a new recruit that can take your business to the next level, so should never be taken for granted.

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The Askia Range: Versatile Design Options

If you’re looking for the perfect booth to fit seamlessly into your workplace, then the Askia range is just the choice for you.

What makes these booths so special is the fact they can be customised with ease. Due to their innovative patented system, exterior and interior walls can be changed at any time.

Going through a rebrand? Or if you’ve painted your office a new colour, then it’s not a problem as you can seamlessly transform your booth to look the part.

There are more than 10,000 combinations available when it comes to customising your booth so it is sure to fit right into your workplace.

They call it the ‘chameleon capacity’, and it allows you to give your booth a new identity to blend into any environment in minutes.

Workplace Booths from Max Furniture

Workplace booths can make a huge difference to employee productivity and collaboration, and provide the perfect place for meetings to be held.

They can also be a stunning design feature that adds to the great impression your workplace leaves on all visitors and employees.

Want to know more? Or want to speak about your options for a workplace booth? Then get in touch today.

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