HushMeet Large

Important Meetings deserve Convenient Space.

This is the modern office. Conventional meeting rooms and conference spaces are a thing of the past in the modern open-planned workspace. Socialisation is key for productivity but for those important meetings and confidential talks, the Hush Meet large is perfect.

Perfect for


2600(w) x 2300(h) x 1800-3600(d) mm


775-1475 kg

DB Rating



1-8 Person

Key Features

Anti-Viral nano-coating used to prevent infections and Germs

High acoustic rating providing complete confidentiality

100% reusable and re-constructible, even when moving office

Formal space changing the definition of the conference space

“Office design is our passion and it is our goal to choose the best and smartest solutions in collaboration with the customer. Thanks to our many years of experience you are guaranteed excellent advice!”


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