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The Hush family responds to the needs of the office.

Why is the HUSH a unique office solution?

Today’s office spaces are open spaces and are sometimes shared with other companies. Where can you hold a consultation in privacy? As Mikomax has experienced, acoustics and privacy are very important in the office. More and more employees are asking for acoustic solutions where they can call, consult or work concentrated. Conference and / or concentration rooms are not always the best solution, because their integration takes a very long time and is very expensive. Mikomax knows what innovative companies need.

The Hush Family collection is the ideal (acoustic) office solution to be placed separately in a room. The collection consists of a call booth, three different meeting units and a unit with a workplace. The Hush Family ensures that you can quietly call, consult and work in privacy through good sound absorption. The Hush Family is mobile and the closed versions are fully ventilated. A conference unit only takes up the space of two workplaces!

With the app “MSO plan” for IOS you can see which Hush fits best in your office space. Choose the Hush that most appeals to you in your favorite color and look for the right place!

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The Hush collection consists of a telephone booth , three different meeting booths and a booth with a workplace . The benefits that the Hush collection brings are:

– The sound level is muted.

– Fast and compact solution.

– An investment in the future can be included in a relocation.

– Reorganizing the offices without interrupting the work.

– Flexibility and the ability to arrange spaces freely thanks to mobility.

– Promotes the attractiveness of the office from the employees’ point of view.

– Increase the pleasure of working with staff.

Discover the Hush family


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Do you wonder what the Hush looks like at your office?

Download the AR application and place the virtual cabins in your space. View which solutions best meet your needs.


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