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HushFree.L is an acoustic pod with a class A acoustic rating according to the ISO 23351-1:2020 standard, and features lighting at the level of the tabletop with 500 lux intensity. The HushFree.L acoustic booth is an ideal alternative to traditional conference rooms. It works great for larger business meetings, presentations, video calls and team meetings – both stationary and online.

Perfect for


2210(w) x 2300(h) x 2780(d) mm

DB Rating

Class A


1-6 person

LED lighting with a colour temperature of 4000 K and an intensity of 500 lux at tabletop level

Class A speech level reduction measured in accordance with the ISO 23351:2020 standard

Total air flow: 6 fans with a capacity of 640 m3/h

BOOKING SCREEN - It allows to book a cabin using the email calendar or directly via touch screen.

HushFree.L Features


The lighting system in hushFree acoustic booths has been designed to provide employees with 500 lux lighting, which allows them to spend much more time in meetings and online conversations. 

All-New booking system for efficent meetings 

Organise your meetings directly with the meeting space with the HushFree Booking System. Compatible with Microsoft office 365. Paired with the occupancy indicator to allow for full visibility as to when the room is free.

TV bracket and optional power on all sides of the pod

Space for up to 32” TV on all sized of the pod with extra power modules, allows you to design the interior the pod however you desire.

Options for furtniture fitout with all new soft seating and tables

 Design the interior pod to meet the needs of your space. All-new sofas finished in the same material as the acoustic panels, a choice of table from a triangle meeting table to small coffee tables. Perfect for any need.

Our acoustic panels finished in PET felt & Gabriel® Fabric.

All acoustic booths from the hushFree line have been designed to fit the interior of any office space and respond to the individual needs of the employee. HushFree acoustic booths offer completely new acoustic panels inside the booth, available in 8 timeless colours.

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