10 Key Elements of a Meeting Booth

Over the last decade the way people work has changed.

While the pandemic kept people at home, more and more people are now returning to the office, many adopting a hybrid approach.

One thing that has stayed integral to all businesses is the fact that staff need to be able to communicate with each other effectively and freely.

Meetings are a vital way of allowing a workforce to exchange ideas, make decisions, and embrace teamwork.

The perfect setting for a workmate get-together is a meeting booth, and here are ten key elements that make these just right for many workplaces across the UK and beyond.

Let’s take a look.

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The Rise of Workplace Booths

The time spent in workplace meetings increased throughout the pandemic as many workforces found the need to stay in touch with one another more pressing than it was before. Throughout the pandemic, there were 13% more meetings, with more attendees on average in each one.

This number is predicted to increase by a further 11% in 2023, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

This may not be surprising, especially to many workers experiencing this increase in meetings throughout their working week. One thing that is rather surprising though, is that a US survey found that 70% of meetings were viewed as unproductive.

While there can be many reasons for this, having the right setting is certainly one.

This is where meeting booths come into it. An office booth can provide a place that is free from distractions, comfortable, and private.

This can help you to really make the most of the meetings you are in, and never waste a minute whilst inside.

It has the right technology to allow remote workers to be a part of the action and can enhance the collaboration between your staff.

As meetings continue to rise, finding the perfect place to hold them is important for a wide range of businesses, and meeting pods can do just that.

But what elements make them so good?

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10 Key Features of a Good Meeting Pod

Acoustic Isolation

One of the key reasons meeting booths are so popular is because they drown out exterior sound.

This makes hearing and understanding what people are saying much easier and can help to reduce distractions and improve privacy.

In the current working climate where many attendees may be broadcasting via video, it is important that you have a quiet place so you can hear things properly.

Having a private place also helps to encourage staff to speak freely and to feel comfortable expressing ideas.

Ventilation and Air Quality

While the average time of a meeting has dropped since the pandemic, it still sits between 30 minutes and an hour.

This is a long time to be spent inside a booth that isn’t well-ventilated, so having good air quality features is essential not just for the comfort of the people inside, but also for their physical health.

A properly insulated booth can help to maintain a pleasant environment, and this can have a big effect on the productivity of the people inside, as well as allowing them to stay inside for longer.

Some good features here are fans and vents to provide some air circulation and air ionizing systems to keep things feeling fresh.


The people inside the booth need to be able to see what is being shown to them, as well as each other, so lighting is another key element.

What you are looking for here is something that is not too bright but is light enough to provide good visibility.

Every meeting booth should have appropriate lighting fixtures that provide ample illumination without any glare or shadows.

A nice touch is to make the lighting adjustable, as if it can be moved around it can always be in the right place, no matter how many people are in the meeting and where they are sat.

Ergonomic Seating

Throughout a workplace, seating is important.

Comfortable seats are vital to keep participants of a meeting engaged and focused during the session. If the mind is wandering to the pain and discomfort from bad seating arrangements, then it won’t be fully on the task at hand.

A meeting booth should have ergonomic chairs that promote a good posture and provide plenty of support for meetings that last for extended periods.

Again, providing an adjustable option that can be altered to suit the number of attendees is a convenient option here.

Technology Integration

As we’ve mentioned throughout this blog, the rise in workplace meetings has coincided with the boom in video conferences. Over half of all companies now use video conferencing in their day-to-day operations, and this number is only going to rise.

Allowing people working from home to be a part of the collaboration is a key method of keeping a team together and ensuring no good idea gets wasted.

Technology is also key in other areas, such as a good audio and visual system for presentations, as well as sockets to keep devices charged.

In the modern world, technology is everywhere, and that should include meeting booths.

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Seamless connectivity is crucial for smooth communication and collaboration.

Any meeting booth should have reliable internet access and appropriate connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections, to support video conferencing, file sharing, and online collaboration tools.

Without this, your calls may become disjointed, and you could find that you are spending most of your meeting time trying to get to the bottom of technical issues, or waiting for things to load, rather than actually completing the tasks at hand.

Privacy Features

Privacy is important in a workplace and a meeting booth is a great way of creating a confidential and private environment. This makes it a great solution for many workplaces.

It all starts with the walls and doors, which should provide a barrier against unwanted sights and sounds that could be distracting.

Other features you could add are things like frosted glass, curtains, or even adjustable panels that can be moved to hide certain things.

All attendees of a meeting should be free to speak about all topics without fear of someone overhearing who shouldn’t, so a meeting booth should be able to provide this.

Space Optimisation

Meeting booths should be designed to maximize available space efficiently.

The layout should consider the number of participants, offering adequate seating and room for movement.

It’s important to balance the need for a comfortable environment with space optimization to ensure the booth fits within the office layout.

This point is all about finding a happy medium. You want something big enough to hold meetings, but also not something that takes over the whole workplace, so start by assessing your workspace and work out the perfect size for you and your team.


Something that is absolutely essential with meeting booths is that it is accessible to all workers.

They should be available to all individuals, including those with disabilities or mobility challenges.

Consideration should be given to wheelchair accessibility, door widths, and appropriate space for manoeuvrability within the booth. There are accessibility versions of meeting pods which factor in all the necessary changes need to allow everyone to be comfortable in the workspace.

The last thing you want is for anyone to be excluded from a meeting because they can’t physically be present, so make sure you have everything you need in place to ensure it is an accessible place.


Finally, the look of a booth plays a big part in the environment that a meeting booth creates and this can help increase communication and productivity.

While functionality is crucial, the visual appeal of the meeting booth should never be overlooked.

A well-designed booth that aligns with the office’s overall aesthetics creates a professional and inviting environment for meetings.

This is also important for relaying your brand tone and style, and if you are planning on hosting meetings with external stakeholders, having a sleek, stylish booth to hold them in could make a big impression on your guests.

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Meeting Booths from Max Furniture

Now you know what goes into a meeting booth, why not add one to your workplace?

At Max Furniture, we can supply a wide range of different booths that will be perfect for your space.

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