Discover the HushFree Range: Revolutionising Office Acoustics

Today, our team at Max Furniture are excited to talk about something that’s changing the game in office design – the HushFree range.

This innovative collection is not just a set of furniture; it’s a solution to the common challenges of office noise and privacy.

We have worked with clients across many different industries and work with a range of booth provides, including HushOffice.

This company are at the forefront of modern booth and pod design, and the latest set of HushFree booths are the next of a prestigious range.

Let’s dive into what makes this new collection a must-have in modern workspaces.

A Symphony of Silence: The Acoustic A-Rated HushFree Range

Imagine a workspace where you can talk, meet, and work without the constant buzz of background noise.

That’s the promise of the HushFree range.

With its Acoustic A-rated structure, HushFree offers an oasis of calm in the bustling world of office life.

Now showcased in our Clerkenwell showroom, these pods and rooms are a testament to the blend of functionality and design.

There are many benefits to providing a quiet and serene place to work or hold meetings, and you can read more about these in our blog.

Versatility at Its Best

How do you want to use your HushFree booth? There are many options, including:

  • Presentation Room: Need a space for your workgroup or a chill-out zone for your team? The presentation room in the HushFree range is your answer. With vibrant colours, redesigned acoustic panels, comfy sofas, and a range of tables, it’s a space that boosts efficiency and enjoyment.

These are just a couple of uses, so why not pop down our showroom and see for yourself what these booths can do?

The HushFree Range

HushFree.S: The Private Work Haven

The HushFree.S is a marvel of acoustic engineering and design.

It’s perfect for extended periods of private work, phone calls, or video conferences.

The height-adjustable table, side LED lighting for better facial illumination during calls, and the ease of moving the booth without disassembly make it a top choice for dynamic work environments.

HushFree.M: Teamwork and Flexibility Combined

The HushFree.M is all about providing additional, independent space for teamwork or individual work.

With a variety of finishing options, including comfortable sofas, tables, desks, and even a TV, it’s a versatile solution for any meeting or work requirement.

Plus, like its siblings, it’s easily movable without the hassle of disassembly.

HushFree.L: The Ultimate Meeting Space

hushfree booth

For those who dream of an effortless way to create meeting spaces, HushFree.L is the answer.

With its seamless integration into existing environments and easy mobility, it offers unparalleled flexibility.

Outfit it with sofas, tables, desks, and TVs to create the perfect meeting or collaborative space.

Sofa Options: Comfort Meets Style

To complement the HushFree series, we offer a collection of sofas made by Athlon by Gabriel, available in pairs (L+R). You can choose from:

  • Full sofas in one of 8 colours.
  • Seat parts in any of 8 colours with dark grey lumbar support.
  • Seat parts in any of 8 colours with light grey lumbar support.

Visit Max Furniture and Experience HushFree

All these options and more are now available for viewing in our Clerkenwell showroom.

For those who can’t make it in person, don’t worry – our sales team is ready to send you a digital brochure.

The HushFree range is more than just office furniture; it’s a new way of experiencing and interacting with your workspace.

It’s about creating environments that foster productivity, creativity, and well-being.

So, why wait? Transform your office space with HushFree today.

Want to know more? Then contact our team today.

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