Lohko Phone Booth

The Lohko product family offers functional and minimalistic workspaces, that can be customized for every office. From a phone booth to a conference room, all products are designed to boost productivity and reduce distractions at the office in a natural way.
Lohko products provide a touch of nature, helping to create a better working environment. We have created a product portfolio of highly customizable workplaces, that will bring the positive aspects of nature to every office.
Each of our booths is eco-friendly, made of recycled and recyclable materials. Locally produced and made of M1 certified materials.

Lohko Box

Taiga’s creative office solutions bring the positive aspects of nature to your office. Your natural Taiga workplace is not only a great place to work in but it also reduces distractions in a noisy office, boosts productivity, and increases well-being.

The beautiful, timeless design is guaranteed with the minimalistic design of the products. In addition to the functional workspace, you will also get a beautiful piece of Scandinavian design.

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