STAND UP, a sitting desk. Workplace furniture with an innovative and patented system of height adjustment. Unlike tables that can be adjusted with a pendulum or electrically adjustable, the STAND UP desk can be quickly set to the desired height, simply by pressing two levers under the work surface. The sit-stand desk table can be used as a flex workstation or concentration workstation, but if the users put the tables together in the highest position, a team table is created; these are the unique features of this progressive collection.

All Stand Up desks are equipped as standard with this new unique height adjustment system, yet the pricing is extremely favourable. As a result, sit-stand solutions can now be offered to companies and organizations that are more and more aware of the health risks of their office employees. Long-term sitting and insufficient exercise are one of the most important points of attention when it comes to the well-being and productivity of office workers. Now that the desk tables can be adjusted in height quickly and easily, there is no more excuse.