The Zet is a swivel office chair that has been designed to help improve working while sitting. The Zet ensures maximum seating comfort by means of advanced ergonomic features. The seat and backrest upholstery look terrific in both subtle and bright fabrics. The Zet’s robust construction creates a comfortable place for anyone whose work requires sitting at a desk all day. In addition, the Zet is a great value for the price. Simply, seating made effortless.

Zero G


The Woody is a wooden conference chair suitable for both working and informal occasions. The use of natural materials is on the rise because it brings energy, freshness and a great asthetic to any room. Each chair from this collection is unique due to the specific wood structure. The natural look of the the Woody chair is easily combined with other materials, fabrics and colours. To enhance comfort, it is possible to upholster the entire seat or the entire chair. Different variations of the Woody can be used with conference tables, in schools and libraries, as well as cafeterias and canteens.



At first glance, the WINX collection creates the impression of peace and relaxation. The armchair itself is very spacious and high-quality foam ensures maximum comfort. The WINX design allows for upholstery in various materials and colours. It can easily be matched with the character of any room and stand out as a functional accessory. The selection of chair bases and tables from the WINX collection offers a comprehensive interior solution. The WINX is ideally suited for restaurants, public spaces and relaxation zones as well as home offices or meeting rooms.




Uno+Duo sit stand

Tree Screen

The Tree is an innovative concept that offers the acoustic solution in offices with a high noise level. The sound-dampening panels cause less inconvenience to sound stimuli that can cause stress within an office environment. The acoustic panels are inspired by nature and have a playful and unique design.


Tania Table